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A Guide to Brazil's Financial System

By Gabriel Falk

You know us from our Carnaval, our Samba, Football titles, Jiu-Jitsu fighters, Formula One legends, and

some waxing bits, but there's one specific subject that we thrive on and almost no one talks about: Banking.

The land of samba is becoming a benchmark for Banks, Fintechs, and Central Banks, with a booming

environment for innovation and new technologies.

How does the Brazilian Financial System work? What's the Banking situation down here? How do we

approach bank access being an underdeveloped country? How do we address Open Finance,

Instant Payment methods, CBDCs, and Blockchain technology?

Welcome to the Banking Jungle: A Guide to Brazil's Financial System. I'm Gabriel Falk, economist,

product manager, fintech advocate, and proud Brazilian. My goal here is to tell you the whys, whats,

and hows of our Financial System without its complexity and technical terms.

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